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Lancing Device




Lancing Device

Puncture lancet: Use with sterile lancets to prick the fingertip and collect the sample. The lancing device, which comes with the reader, has several depth adjustments, allows the user to adjust the depth of the puncture and minimize discomfort. You can also eject used lancets.

The On Call lancing device can be adjusted to 11 stitch depths, making it possible to find the most pleasant and least painless way of pricking.

After use just use the automatic eject button to remove the used lancet from the pen

This pen comes with an AST hood that lets you also prick on other places than your fingertip (forearm, handpalm).

The On Call Lancing Device uses the On Call lancets (100 pieces / box) that you can order on our site.

H 2.5cm x L 11.4cm x W 4.4cm

P-OCLD-50 / G124-11A

This Lancing Device has been recommended in Dr Georgiou’s book entitled: Diabetes: Natural Treatments That Really Work!

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