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ACON – On Call Lancets (x 100)


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ACON – On Call Lancets (100 pcs)

These lancets (26G) specially designed for the ACON On Call Lancing Device are sold per 100.
These lancets are also suitable for the lancing devices supplied with the Betachek G5 meter, the Multicheck meters.

With these lancets you can take safely and easily determine your blood glucose levels wherever you are.

The On Call lancets have a thickness of 26G, so you always have the exact amount of blood to add to your On Call Extra test strips for your On Call Extra Glucose Meter.

These lancets are specifically designed so that the prick is almost painless. If you use the On Call Extra lancing device, you can also use the AST cap supplied with the pen, to prick in other places than your fingertip.


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