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NANO MAGNESIUM – 50 ppm – 250 ml




NANO MAGNESIUM – 50 ppm -250 ml 

Magnesium is an essential mineral and also an electrolyte. Is involved in over 300 biochemical functions in the body, such as regulating heartbeat rhythms and helping neurotransmitter functions and the metabolism of insulin.

About 99 percent of your body’s total magnesium is stored in your bones, muscles and soft tissues while only about 1 percent is concentrated in the blood.

It is required for energy production and muscle relaxation. It has been shown to be very effective in stopping nervous twitches, muscle cramping. The most important function of magnesium is that is essential for proper heart function. Without magnesium the heart cannot relax.

Our NANO MAGNESIUM– 50 ppm -250 ml contains nano magnesium particles which is the best form of absorption through our selectively permeable intestinal membranes.

The membranes lining our intestinal tract maintain their own specific electrical charge in the form of ionic receptors. The body maintains this charge on the lining of membranes in order to facilitate the absorption of food nutrients.

Different receptors areas maintain different charge qualities, allowing for the attraction of the multitudes of diverse nutrients that pass through the intestinal tract.

Because of this charge, NANO MAGNESIUM are easily taken to the cells lining the intestinal tract, whereby they may be employed in the many physiological activities of the body.

Magnesium functions include:

  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Keeping bones strong
  • Balancing nitric oxide in the body
  • Supporting growth and development in babies and children
  • Supporting proper function of nerves, muscles, and tissue
  • Neutralizing stomach acid
  • Moving stools through the intestine and preventing constipation
  • Magnesium also makes the process of photosynthesis possible by helping to form chlorophyll, the chemical that allows plants to capture sunlight and turn it into energy


Ingredients: pure distilled water and high purity nano magnesium ions.

Dosage: Take 1 teaspoon, two times daily in a little water or juice.


Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Keep away from children.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

Consult your doctor before taking supplements or changing your diet.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

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