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Ketone/Glucose meter


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GK 2-in-1 Glucose and Ketone Meter (meter only)

On Call GK Dual Glucose & Ketone meter only (excluding test strips) for diabetes monitoring and the ketogenic diet

  • 1 Glucose Ketone Meter
  • 1 Control Solution
  • 2 Batteries (CR 2032 3,0V)
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • User Manual

You need test strips to use the meter. There are 2 types of tests strips for this meter

  1. GK Dual Ketone Test Strips (x 25
  2. GK Dual Chosen Glucose Test strips (x 50)
  3. Checkout the LANCETS (100 x packs)
  4. Lancing Device

On Call GK Dual Blood Glucose Meter

Specifications & Features

  • Measuring Ketone: 1.2 μL, 10 s
  • 20-70% Hematocrit Range
  • Measuring Glucose: Compatible with On Call® Chosen and On Call® Advanced

This meter can be used for monitoring ketones while on the ketogenic diet for diabetes or weight loss.

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