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We have a large variety of herbal formulas to choose from such as:

  • COLFORM – a colon cleansing herbal formula that supports gut functioning
  • CONSTFORM – a herbal formula designed for constipation and slow transit times of the gut
  • HEPATO PLUS – to support the liver by cleansing and upregulating detoxification pathways
  • PARAFORM PLUS ONE – a herbal formula for eradicating parasites
  • PARAFORM PLUS TWO – a herbal formula to help eradicate microbes from the body
  • TURMERIC – a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that has been well-researched for other chronic diseases
  • KOLOREX – a powerful New Zealand herb that is a natural anti-fungal for Candida and other fungi
  • KANDIDAPLEX – a formulation for eradicating Candida albicans and other fungi
  • GREEN COFFEE PLUS – a formulation for fat burning, slimming and blood sugar regulation

COLFORM – 100 caps


CONSTFORM – 60 caps


HEPATO PLUS – 60 caps

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