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Digestive Support

There are many natural supplements that can help in cases of gut and stomach discomfort such as:

  • DIGESTIZYME – often a lack of these pancreatic enzymes can lead to food not being digested and fermenting in the gut causing bloating and discomfort
  • BETAINE COMPLEX – this formulation consists of hydrochloric acid for the digestion of protein in the stomach and helps with stomach distension and discomfort
  • PROBIOTIC PLUS – often a lack of these good bacteria in the gut can lead to a dysbiosis, fermentation, flatulence and bloating – 4 billion live bacteria per cap
  • SUPER PROBIO – extremely important for maintain good gut health are the friendly bacteria – Acidophilus and Bifidus families – 20 billion bacteria per cap
  • HEPATO PLUS – a healthy liver is going to help a healthy gut and this herbal formula is to help keep the liver in good working order
  • KANDIDAPLEX – this formulation helps to eradicate Candida which causes many gut-related problems (see Candida link)
  • HOROPITO – this is another herbal formula to eradicate Candida
  • LEAKY PLUS – this formulation with its high fibre content, is ideal for long-term use as a bowel cleanser and detoxifier, cell wall repair agent for leaky gut and an overall colon maintenance formula



CANDA PLUS – 90 caps


DIGEST PLUS – 90 caps


LEAKY PLUS – 180 g powder

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