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How Do I Know If I Am Toxic?

How Do I Know If I Am Toxic?

This is probably the most commonly asked question we receive from many people.

It is actually quite easy to answer these days, because there has been a lot of research into the subject of toxins and their effect on our health over the past few years.

When we began distributing HMD™ almost ten years ago, we also sold a kit for testing for some of the most common heavy metal toxins, including mercury and lead. We asked for feedback from customers and were surprised when reports began coming in showing that all tested positive for these toxic metals. We were suspicious of the kits and began researching.

We came across an article by the World Wildlife Fund – WWF – who published a report on chemicals found in the placenta of newborn babies. Well over 200 toxins were found in all samples, and many were known to be cancer causing chemicals. Further research showed that these tests had been done in places as remote as Iceland, the Arctic Circle amongst the Inuit population and in the South Atlantic.

It was hoped to find a population unaffected by the toxins found in the developed industrial world. Alas, no population could be found that was free from toxins! Not even on the islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean! We stopped selling these kits, and can now safely say with a high degree of scientific validity that we are all toxic and did not need to waste money on these kits to answer a question for which we knew the answer.

If newly born infant have nearly 300 toxins in their circulation the minute they see the world – all from the mother – then how many would an adult have who has been living on this toxic planet for a number of years? It is safe to now say that there is not a human being on this planet that does not have an element of toxins in their bodies, some more, some less.

At the same time, we found a laboratory that carried out forensic testing of hair samples – Tissue Hair Mineral Analysis (THMA). This is a highly scientific testing procedure using sophisticated machines such as Inductively Coupled Spectrometers. It is a more expensive procedure which requires two hair samples to be analysed over a period of 2 months. The first sample is submitted before beginning the detox to provide a base line sample. The second hair sample is taken two months later to determine if there are toxic metals stored in the organs and tissues of the body. A percentage increase in the second hair test compared to the first is an indication that there are metals stored in the organs, so detoxification should be continued for another two months, then a further hair test taken.

Click here to read a more scientific article about this method – http://www.detoxmetals.com/use-hair-tests-clinical-decision-making/

Research into the toxins carried in our bodies has been verified by reports from the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC). The toxins come primarily as a bi-product of the a petro-chemical industry, worth billions, so don’t expect anything much by way of changes from what quarter. We need to take action ourselves.

More recent research has been carried out by the Environmental Working Group which confirms that we are all toxic from many sources, including fish, plastics, amalgam tooth fillings, vaccines etc. More about these later.

Knowing without doubt that YES, WE ARE ALL TOXIC from the day we are born, and are exposed more every day, we can keep ahead by detoxing to eliminate toxic metals using our scientifically proven method; HMD. Why risk the carcinogenic effects of toxic metals?

Dr. Graham Hutt, Phd. Medical anthropologist and researcher. For the HMD team.

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