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ORAL IMMUNOTHERAPY ORAL IMMUNOTHERAPY FOR THE TREATMENT OF CHRONIC DISEASES AND INFECTIONS Abstract Immunotherapy has recently emerged as a novel and appealing strategy for treating cancer and other acute and chronic diseases. During an infection, macrophage phagocytic cells proliferate in order to counteract the infection. For the last 20 years,…

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NATURAL PARASITE DETOX Parasites: the uninvited guests! This is a chapter from Dr George Georgiou's book Why Am I Sick?, a Naturopath who is the Founder Director of the Da Vinci Holistic Health Center, in Larnaca, Cyprus explaining the natural parasite detox. It always amuses me when I tell a…

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BENEFITS OF TAKING MULTIVITAMINS Are there any benefits of taking Multivitamins? It is often difficult to find an ‘off the shelf’ multivitamin and multimineral product that can truly help to optimize health. This product contains high potency B-vitamins that support mood and energy production; as well as a cocktail of…

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Supplements for Memory

SUPPLEMENTS FOR MEMORY Many people, particularly in older age complain of memory problems. There are many supplements for memory that we will look at in this article. Memory is related to good blood circulation. The quality of circulation and how freely blood can move through the vessels to all parts…

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Detoxification: The secret of 21st century

Detoxification: The secret of 21st century What is detoxification? Detoxification is an important aspect of optimal health and has become a household word and a colloquialism that could mean anything from drinking a glass of carrot juice to entering a detoxification centre if you are an alcoholic or drug addict.…

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Coffee and circulatory system

Coffee and circulatory system Drinking coffee might keep us up at night, but new research has given us a reason to sleep easy knowing that the popular drink isn’t as bad for our arteries as some previous studies would suggest. The research from Queen Mary University of London has shown…

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ASPARTAME: THE HIDDEN TRUTH What is Aspartame? Currently, millions of people around the world enjoy low-calorie, good tasting foods and beverages because of aspartame. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener and used in a variety of food and supplements products such as diet soda and soft drinks, sugar free products and food…

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Magnesium Supplements and Metabolic Syndrome

Magnesium Supplements and Metabolic Syndrome The importance of magnesium to human health is under-appreciated. This one essential mineral promotes heart health, normal blood pressure, healthy nerve and muscle function, a strong immune system, and a good memory. Do research suggested that magnesium supplements improve metabolic syndrome? And magnesium is particularly…

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