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As we have been talking about cleansing the liver and gall bladder in the last couple of issues, I thought that I would continue the same thread and talk a little about cleaning out parasites from all body organs and tissues. “I don’t have any of those,” I hear you saying. Well, think again, and look at the statistics.

According to the publication in 1995 “Parasitic Diseases” it is reported:

Nematodes (Round Worms) – 1 billion individuals
Cestodes (Tape Worms) – 300 million individuals
Tremadodes (Flukes) – 300 million individuals
Protozoa (Amoebas) – 1 billion individuals
Arthropods (Insects para) – 500 million individuals

It is clear from this data that parasites are not confined only to third world countries! An interesting report by the Parasitologist, Omar Amin, Ph.D. states that in a five star restaurant, samples were taken from under the fingernails of the entire staff and 100% of them tested positive for feces under their nails. “Bon Appetit!”

We are always picking up parasites! The main source is undercooked meats, followed by household pets. After we are infected we can give it to each other via blood (childbearing), saliva (kissing), semen (lovemaking) and breast milk (nursing).

Dr. Hulda Clark in her book “The Cure For All Cancers” says that the human intestinal fluke Fasciolopsis buskii is the cause of most cancers. When these reach the liver, a growth factor is produced – ortho-phospho-tyrosine – that make cells divide and cancer proliferates.

Orthodox medicine tends to use a variety of drugs (with bad side-effects) to kill specific parasites, but this is not very practical when there are many different varieties present. Dr. Clark usually finds on average a dozen or more parasites in each patient, out of the 120 that she tests for. Dr. Clark has found three herbs that can kill ALL these parasites in the body without the dreadful side-effects of drugs. Below is a modified version of her treatment:

Three herbs used together can get rid of over 100 different parasites without so much as a headache or nausea. The herbs are black walnut tincture, wormwood, and common cloves. Black walnut hull and wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. Cloves kill the eggs. They must be used together as a single treatment for them to be effective. The detailed program is as follows:

1. Black Walnut Hull Tincture – take in water or juice before meals on an empty stomach

Day 1 – Day 6 – take 2 teaspoons of the Walnut tincture in 1/2 cup water a little before meals, once daily.
For maintenance – continue to take 2 teaspoons only once weekly for about 3 months.

2. Wormwood Combination Capsules: – take these before dinner with water or juice

Day 1 – 1 capsule
Day 2 – 1 capsules
Day 3 – 2 capsules
Day 4 – 2 capsules
Day 5 – 3 capsules
Day 6 – 3 capsules
Day 7 – 4 capsules
Day 8 – 4 capsules
Day 9 – 5 capsules
Day 10 – 5 capsules
Day 11 – 6 capsules
Day 12 – 6 capsules
Day 13 – 7 capsules
Day 14 – 7 capsules

Take all the capsules together as a single dose. As a maintenance dose take 7 capsules once a week for 3 months.

3. Cloves Capsules – take before meals.

Day 1 – Take one capsule 3 times daily before food.
Day 2 – Take two capsules 3 times daily before food.
Days 3 to 10 Take 3 capsules three times daily.

After day 10, take 3 capsules once daily for 3 months.

These parasites are being picked up all the time, that’s why it’s important to stay on a maintenance programme, once weekly, as follows:

Black Walnut Tincture – 2 tsp. before eating once weekly
Wormwood capsules – 7 capsules once weekly before eating
Cloves – 3 capsules once a day on an empty stomach.

You may take these at different times of the day, or all together.

It is highly recommended that everyone go on a parasite cleanse at some point or other. Certainly in clinical practice I have seen amazing recoveries from chronic problems. One such case was a South African lady who recovered in record time – about 2 months – from a 20-year old chronic fatigue syndrome just after completing her parasite cleanse! There are other similar cases that I have recorded in my clinical archives. I have been through the cleanse myself too, and it is true that you develop minimal symptoms. I felt a little “spacey” the first day, which may have been due to a “die-off” reaction.

Good luck with the cleanse. If you have any interesting experiences, let me know!

The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements. This information and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

by Dr. George J Georgiou, Ph.D.,N.D.,D.Sc (A.M)
Natural Medicine Practitioner

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