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Oral Immunotherapy


ORAL IMMUNOTHERAPY ORAL IMMUNOTHERAPY FOR THE TREATMENT OF CHRONIC DISEASES AND INFECTIONS Abstract Immunotherapy has recently emerged as a novel and appealing strategy for treating cancer and other acute and chronic diseases. During an infection, macrophage phagocytic cells proliferate in order to [...]

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KRILL OIL Krill Oil as an excellence source of healthy fats and a variety of healthy benefits Krill oil is extracted from a tiny shrimp (crustacean) that belongs to the species of Euphausia Superba. According to research findings, Krill oil is reported [...]

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Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional Deficiencies Nutritional deficiencies can cause countless ailments and diseases.  However, eating the proper foods and supplementing certain nutrients can reverse poor health and reduce your risk of illness. A recent news report indicated that the health insurance will likely increase [...]

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