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Allergic reactions are triggered by substances that are normally harmless to the majority of people; the most common allergy is Hay fever or Allergic rhinitis. Our body’s immune system becomes sensitised to certain allergen such as pollen and results in symptoms such as runny nose, red eyes, eczema, itchiness, hives or even an asthma attack.

Seek Natural have several Natural Remedies that maybe of help. Food intolerances usually require a more detailed assessment but a healthy diet will usually benefit most allergies.

Dr. George Recommends:

Quercetin – A natural antioxidant, helps stabilise mast cells and stops them releasing histamine
Apple Cider Vinegar – for Hayfever or Luffa Nasal Spray which also works well.
Probiotics – A high quality probiotic such as Customs Probitics can be very beneficial for immune systems.

Dietary Strategy:

Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates, caffeine and fried foods. Identify and eliminate food allergies.