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Thyroid Support

There are a number of natural supplements that can be used for supporting the thyroid such as:

  • THYROID GLANDULARS – natural glandulars will work directly on the thyroid gland helping to upregulate it
  • LUGOL’S IODINE – iodine is critical for thyroxine production and the research suggests that many people are deficient in this very important mineral
  • L-TYROSINE – the amino acid Tyrosine is an important component of thyroxine which the thyroid requires in good quantites daily
  • SELENIUM – selenium plays many roles in thyroxine metabolism as well as the conversion of T4 to the active T3
  • HMD MULTIS – taking a high-potency multivitamin on a daily basis will help to provide other nutrients that they thyroid also requires for optimal functioning
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