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Minerals are often considered to be more important that vitamins for vital functioning of the body.

We offer a number of important minerals such as:

  • ADVANCED ESSENTIAL MINERALS – a high-potency, multimineral formula that provides most minerals in good quantities
  • CHROMIUM COMPLEX – critical for balancing blood sugar levels and in cases of hypoglycaemia and sugar cravings
  • SELENIUM – important for the immune system, as an antioxidant and for the thyroid
  • ZINC – required for more than 200 physiological processes including reproduction, immunity, hair, nails, cognitive functioning and more
  • IRON – required for building haemoglobin and red blood cells for oxygen delivery, immunity, cognitive functioning and more
  • FLORISENE – a formulation designed for women that suffer from hair loss
  • OSTEOGUARD – a combination of calcium and magnesium in balanced ratios
  • CHEWABLE CALCIUM – an easy to chew calcium for kids and others that have difficulty swallowing pills
  • MAGABSORB – an easy to absorb form or magnesium
  • MAGNESIUM MALATE – malic acid with magnesium, used for energy production as well as preparing for the gallbladder flush
  • ACTIVE FOLATE – this is 7 times more bioavailable than folic acid

Active-Folate – 120 Caps


Chewable Calcium – 400 mg


Iron 14 mg – 100 tabs


MagAsorb® 60 tabs


Selenium 200µg – 60 tabs


Zinc 15 mg – 180 tabs

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