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Bone and Joint Repair

There are a number of nutrients that research has found to help in bone and joint repair such as:

  • GLUCOSAMINE COMPLEX – this is a unique formulation that contain glucosamine for joint repair, but also collagen hydrosalate for spinal disc repair and many other anti-inflammatory herbs – one-of-a-kind!
  • VITAMIN D3 – one of the key vitamins to efficiently absorbing and using calciumbones and joints
  • VITAMIN K2 – this vitamin is crucial for picking up calcium in the blood and transferring it to the bones
  • OSTEOGUARD – a calcium and magnesium formulation that helps to build strong bones while keeping the balance between calcium and magnesium
  • CHEWABLE CALCIUM – an easy to chew form of calcium
  • MSM – very good for osteoarthritis and joint inflammation as well as for skin
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