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Amino Acids

A large proportion of our cells, muscles and tissue is made up of amino acids, meaning they carry out many important bodily functions, such as giving cells their structure. Amino acids are critical for cellular functioning. Our amino acid formulations include:

  • GLUTAMINE is needed for a wide range of repair and maintenance functions, such as wound healing, muscle and bone growth, digestive health and gut wall integrity
  • ARGININE is required for wound healing, helping the kidneys remove waste products from the body, maintaining immune and hormone function
  • CARNITINE can help in energy production, heart health and weight loss
  • GLUTATHIONE COMPLEX is required for detoxification pathways in the liver
  • LYSINE is required for immune function and can help in cases of herpes outbreaks
  • TYROSINE is required by the thyroid to produce thyroxine, as well as being required by the adrenal glands to produce anti-stress hormones
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