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Tachyon Energized Crystals

What is Tachyon Energy?

Tachyon consists of subatomic particles whose velocity always exceeds the speed of light. Their existence appears to be consistent with the theory of relativity. The theory of relativity is traditionally thought to apply only to particles traveling at less than the speed of light. Tachyon only exists at speeds that surpass that of light.

Zero point energy and Tachyon energy has been described by physicists since the mid 1960's. These two energies are both faster than the speed of light and omnipresent. They have no oscillation or spin, therefore no frequency. These energies can be termed 'pre-energy'. One can think that Zero point energy is like the ocean, whereas Tachyon is like a drop of ocean water.

Tachyon interacts with the part of the universe that moves at less than the speed of light. It seems to be a catalyst for the evolution of self-organizing systems to bring them to a higher state of order. 

Tachyons have the potential to bring things to order, to activate the power of healing, balance and harmonize energies, raise the frequency of the physical and energetic bodies and to cleanse and protect the aura from negative energies. Tachyon energy is part of a lifestyle that is healing for the body, mind, spirit and the planet.

Tachyon energy opens a doorway that allows you to connect with the divine radiance and therefore allows you to experience the joy of your inner radiance.

According to quantum physics, there is an energetic continuum from the most subtle, invisible energetic structures, to the visible, densest forms of energy. The flow is from the source, also called Zero-Point Energy (ZPE) through the etheric, the electromagnetic and finally into the material level. Tachyon is a sub-atomic particle having the properties of Zero-Point Energy.

Just like Zero-Point Energy, Tachyon contains the source of all frequencies and creates order out of chaos. All cells and organs in our body have a Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) - this SOEF converts Tachyon into the specific frequency that is required for optimizing health. This Tachyon and SOEF interaction is the key to radiant health!

Tachyon energy is the safe way to move your body back to energetic balance and health.

Back in 1990, the Tachyonization process restructures natural materials at the sub-molecular level - this is how these Tachyon crystals are energised, therefore creating a powerful and focussed field of energy functioning as permanent Tachyon antennas, never losing their energy.


Tachyon Energized Crystals
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Angel Presence Tachyon Sphere
The conscious relation with Angels is the result of the deep human need for liberation according ..
Apollon Helios
The Tachyon energized Apollon Helios activates within us the radiant heart of Creation. It is the..
Cross Balance
The Cross Balance is a very powerful symbol of harmony and balance. All manifestation is in balan..
Energy Harmonization of spaces and protection from Geopathic Stress These Tachyon energized c..
Crystal Tachyon Pyramid
The crystal lucidity of the crystal pyramid carries and establishes clear universal energies in t..
Double Rainbow Tachyon Pyramid
The double rainbow pyramid transforms every type of negative energy of your space. It is made..
Golden Energizer Tachyon mat
All kinds of food, water and drinks are activated on the Golden Energizer mat when you place them..
Golden Hoarder
Connect with the infinite source of cosmic abundance and experience the fullness in all areas of ..
Great Wisher
Express your wish and the Great Wisher will protect it from the celestial forces, empowering it w..
Harmonizer Tachyon Energy Prism
The dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMF) is becoming one of the major causative factors respon..
Heart of Love
The energy of love, as a result of inner harmony, is activated and highlighted by the heart of lo..
Key of Success
With the Key of Success you can manage situations, using your actions effectively for a successfu..
Kirikion Tachyon Crystal Sphere
The Kirikion Tachyon energised sphere has an amazing energy source - it appears that this healing..
Mobile Phone Tachyon Chip
This gold-plated and Tachyon energized chip suppresses and harmonizes the negative and harmful ra..
Multi Protector
Protect yourself from psychic attacks, jealously, hatred, and empathy. The multi- protection ..
Spiral Pendulums
These Tachyon energized Spiral pendulums are ideal for energetic intervention to harmonize and ac..
Spirit of Flowers Tachyon Energized crystal
A driver of superior fine energies, it attracts and radiates high frequency vibrations, and trans..
Tachyon Energized Bracelet
Beautiful Tachyon energized magnetic bracelet made from hematite and semiprecious stones. Thi..
Tachyon Energized Necklace
This necklace is energized with Tachyon energy which is imparted to its owner, energizing the bod..
Tachyon Pendulums
Pendulums acts by harmonizing and balancing. The activation and the tachyonization of the pendulu..
Temple of Creation Tachyon Energised crystal
The Temple of Creation links the “plane of matter” with the Kingdom of archetypes and establishes..
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