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Abdominal Gas

Description Flatulence is a digestive system disorder caused by excessive amounts of Gas formed in the Stomach and Large Intestine.Substances that Alleviate FlatulenceEnzymesAlpha-Galactosidase helps to prevent Flatulence (Flatulence often occurs as a result of excessive consumption of Foods containing certain Carbohydrates that are normally digested by Alpha-Galactosidase - Alpha-Galactosidase sometimes becomes overburdened by these Carbohydrates, causing Flatulence):- Note that exogenous, supplemental Alpha-Galactosidase is the active component of products such as Beano (designed to prevent Flatulence).Microorganisms Bifidobacteria bifidus alleviates Flatulence. Bifidobacteria bulgaricus alleviates Flatulence. Lactobacillus acidophilus alleviates Flatulence.

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