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WHS Boron Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Healthy bones & joints Boron enhances the body’s ability to absorb calcium and magnesium...
Ex Tax: 26.26€
WHS Chromium Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Promotes healthy glucose tolerance Chromium has been shown to promote healthy glucose tolerance..
Ex Tax: 30.30€
WHS Cobalt Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Required by the body for blood formation. Cobalt is a mineral required by the body for blood form..
Ex Tax: 33.89€
WHS Copper Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Cardiovascular health & circulation. Copper is heavily involved in the production of hem..
Ex Tax: 30.32€
WHS Germanium Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Germanium improves oxygen flow to tissues, boosting circulation, which improves stamina and endur..
Ex Tax: 25.26€
WHS Lugol's Iodine 5% Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Iodine is a trace element required in the manufacture of thyroid hormone. Specifically, the thyro..
Ex Tax: 15.76€
WHS Magnesium Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Magnesium is essential for every major biological process. It is necessary for 300+ enzymatic rea..
Ex Tax: 30.30€
WHS Manganese Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Manganese is involved in protein, fat and energy metabolism. It's primary function, though, is as..
Ex Tax: 25.77€
WHS Molybdenum Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Molybdenum is essential, but is only required in extremely small amounts. It aids in nitrogen met..
Ex Tax: 30.30€
WHS Palladium Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Palladium is a trace mineral that has been shown to promote healthy cells. Possible benefits of t..
Ex Tax: 40.98€
WHS Platinum Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Promotes immune system health. Platinum has been linked to increasing mental alertness and energy..
Ex Tax: 40.93€
WHS Rubidium Mineral Ultra Concentrate
An alkaline trace mineral Rubidium is an alkaline trace mineral related with cesium and potassi..
Ex Tax: 25.26€
WHS Selenium Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Selenium is an essential trace mineral required by the body in small quantities. It is also a pot..
Ex Tax: 30.32€
WHS Silver Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Silver, one of humankind's first weapons against bacteria, is receiving new respect for its antis..
Ex Tax: 29.31€
WHS Sodium Ultra Concentrated Liquid Mineral
Sodium is an electrolyte that helps maintain water balance and blood pH in the body. Due to its e..
Ex Tax: 29.67€
WHS Strontium Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Bone building mineral Strontium is a naturally occurring mineral found to promote healthy bone ..
Ex Tax: 33.85€
WHS Sulfur Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Sulfur is a necessary nutrient for collagen formation, and is involved in the synthesis of protei..
Ex Tax: 29.65€
WHS Vanadium Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Vanadium plays a role in cellular metabolism, the formation of bones and teeth, reproduction, and..
Ex Tax: 30.30€
WHS Zinc Mineral Ultra Concentrate
Zinc promotes healthy immune function, sensory functions and skin health. It is essential for the..
Ex Tax: 19.28€
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