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Detox your body from Mercury, Aluminium and many other toxic metals - Naturally!

HMD™ is a proprietary, patent-pending, synergistic blend of natural ingredients combining Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), a homaccord of specially energized cell-decimated chlorella vulgaris and organic corriandrum sativum tincture. The homaccord has gone through hand, not mechanical percussion.

It is approximately half the price of the competition as it was designed to be amenable to all people, rich and poor.

HMD™ can be taken over a period of time with no side effects in order to gently and effectively eliminate heavy metals while maintaining benefical elements.

The HMD™ compound was tested in double blind, placebo controlled trials that was effective in mobilizing and excreting metals in the urine and faeces for all the metals tested. This proprietary formulation has been filed at the United Kingdom Patent Office and an international patent is pending.

Take 40 drops x 3 times daily - place the drops in a little juice and take 10 minutes before meals. Optimum results are obtained after taking for at least 3 months or longer, depending on the degree of heavy metal toxicity.
PLEASE NOTE: Keep the dropper verticle when measuring drops as drop size is larger if dropper is tilted.

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