HA Lozenges

HA Lozenges
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Support joint function, arterial health, the eyes, brain & skin Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can help preserve joint function and arterial health, support the structure of the eyes and brain, fight inflammation and promote youthful looking skin from within. HA Lozenges provide pure, bio-identical, high-molecular weight HA in a pleasant tasting, slow-dissolving lozenge. Oral lozenges are especially promising as delivery systems for hyaluronic acid because they are designed to be absorbed within the oral cavity. Delivery through the oral cavity is easy to administer and has the potential to provide efficient absorption because the oral mucosa is highly vascularized. Additionally, the “active” ingredient can bypass the acidic environment of the stomach, enzymatic activity of the intestine, and move directly into the bloodstream. Thus, the active ingredient can be effective in smaller, more controlled doses.

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