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AppleSlim Infusion NEW
Contains 20 infusions of blackcurrant, dandelion, green coffee and pieces of Apple. Pour boilin..
Ex Tax: £6.96
AppleSlim Liquid NEW
30 Organic Fruits and Vegetables to Detox and Help You Slim Drink 15 ml a day, diluted in a ..
Ex Tax: £11.66
AppleSlim Xtra 40c
BIONAL AppleSlim Xtra is a food supplement based on concentrated apple vinegar extract with essen..
Ex Tax: £11.66
Bronilan Oral Spray 23ml
  Propolis, plant extracts and natural essential oils with a positive influence on ..
Ex Tax: £7.49
Butcher's Broom Horse Chestnut & Vine Leaf
Bional's Butcher's Broom Horse Chestnut & Vine Leaf is a food supplement that benefits vein h..
Ex Tax: £11.44
Garlic, Olive Leaf and Hawthorn 80c
Garlic, olive leaf and hawthorn contains a unique combination of botanicals and vitamin E wh..
Ex Tax: £7.63
Oguvit 40c
Oguvit combines well documented herbal extracts, vitamins, amino acids and beta carotene that nur..
Ex Tax: £11.21
Prostanol 40c
Prostanol is and empowering blend for male health.  We find it is the combination of the ing..
Ex Tax: £11.79
V-Nal Cream 75ml
V-nal® Cream is a unique, 'non fat', herbal cream specially designed for the optimal c..
Ex Tax: £9.16
Valerian 90ct
Valerian has been used to ease insomnia, anxiety, and nervous restlessness since the second centu..
Ex Tax: £11.13
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